Love in the Mountains

Love will take you to some very strange places.

I always imagined I would be at sea level owning a cafe on the beach in South America.

Now I am living in the Colorado mountains at 10,000 feet and adjusting to life here.

My blog is about all things living at altitude. My experiences and adjustments as a foreigner living in the USA at a time when politics are charged and people are polarized.

Enough politics, what about more important things, like how to stay feminine and warm.

Seriously how do you dress in the cold?  How can you still feel like a woman in a mountain town?  I am in a new marriage and want to keep our attraction fresh.  There is nothing attractive about a big puffy 800 fill down jacket!

One local here at daylight doughnuts said “if you think you are a tough older man, there is always a tougher older woman”.


I  am determined to make this work?

Do you ever feel like you are in a movie version of your life?