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The selfie culture

Have we become a culture of self oriented navel gazers. Clinging to our devices in paradise? Most people on the beach were staring at their screens rather than the ocean. In a place that offer sublime beauty and smells have we lost the ability to just be?

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Healthcare in the US is like a Rodeo

OMG what a crazy ass piecemeal system in the USA. I miss Canada. You may have to wait to see your doctor, but they will know you personally, they will send you to an imaging centre in their building and the results are sent back to your doctor the same day.

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Having a guest up in the mountains

My brother from another mother came down to visit me in Breckenridge.  After a sushi dinner I wanted him to see the town at night.  My fiance goes to bed about 9:30 and gave us his blessing to go out and party.  We went to one bar and had a half pint of local brew… Continue reading Having a guest up in the mountains

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Life grief

  Have you ever experienced any grumpiness or grief as life changes? Have you ever gotten what you wanted and then found it wanting? Whether it is a new job or a relationship,  you have reached your goal. I believe as humans whenever we have any change, wanted or not we experience a levels of… Continue reading Life grief

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A sheltered oasis

  For the past 6 weeks I have not driven my car.  Instead I have walked the mountain town.  Shuttling on foot from yoga, to the coffee shop, to the grocery store, the dog park and back home .  One of our goals was to live somewhere where we could walk everyday. During the week… Continue reading A sheltered oasis