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Miracles every day

Today I experienced a miracle. I was accepted for a green card.  I received the letter but not the card.   It seems the government sent the card to the wrong address.  The letter without the card is worth buchus. For those of you who don’t know the green card=social security card=getting a job=getting a… Continue reading Miracles every day

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The Healer

I went to a Deva Primal concert in Boulder.   It was amazing.  She asked us to turn to someone beside us and chant to each other.  I chanted with a women whose eyes were clear, and  her heart was open. In the break we chatted.  I told her she had such a great spirit.… Continue reading The Healer

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Its not nuclear war

It's not nuclear war, we are just trying to get health insurance! This is the cry of my fiance as he is attempting to get me on his health insurance policy. He puts me on the phone with the insurance broker, who tries to pretend he is my friend.  After a little small talk about how… Continue reading Its not nuclear war

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The selfie culture

Have we become a culture of self oriented navel gazers. Clinging to our devices in paradise? Most people on the beach were staring at their screens rather than the ocean. In a place that offer sublime beauty and smells have we lost the ability to just be?