what is your superpower?

To me a superpower is something that is part of your natural instinct, it has been there all your life. It is something connected to your internal values.

My friend Diana, who is an artist says she can feel the grief of the earth.   This weighs heavy on her heart.  This feels like a wound or burden.  However when this is transformed into meaningful action in the world I believe this will become her superpower.

My superpower is a willingness to be with people in dark places such as grief and death to walk beside them so they are not alone.

My friend Rod who is an excellent addiction coach says “that our superpower is born out of our deepest wound. We can find strength in the wound. And we can become champions for those who still suffer from our greatest setback.  Helen Keller did this for the deaf and blind.  Franklin D. Roosevelt did this for the crippled.  And Bill W. did this for the addicted.   For each of these heroes, their greatest strength came from their deepest wound. And yes, we too can be heroes”.  www.facebook.com/VBRecovery

Recognizing your superpower is essential to creating meaningful change in the world.

I recently saw a woman’s shirt that said “hope is my superpower”.

Do you know what your superpower is?

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