A leap of faith

I had my nails done today by a man called phow.  I asked about his tatoo on his arm.  He told me it was his Karma in love.  He then told me the story of growing up in Vietnam. Experiencing his first love.  He said that they were  a famous couple in his small town as they loved openly.  He became a baker and owned his own bakery.

Then she got married to an American and moved to California.  They stayed in touch.  She would come back every 3 months to see him.  She eventually sponsored him to come to the USA.

He revealed that when he arrived in California he was the “second man”.  He did not like this and asked his girlfriend to divorce her husband.  She did.  Then he realised that she loved money and expensive things more than him.

He said that USA changed her.  He moved to Nebraska and learned to do nails and then moved to Colorado.  He told me he followed his heart and risked everything for love.

He does not regret it at all.  He believes in destiny.  he gave up everything and took a leap of faith for love.

How many of us would do that?

What is a leap of faith. 

It is a risk, a leaving of your comfort zone. 

A departure from the familiar in the hopes of receiving something in return.

A way to throw yourself into the fire

A way to experience change and transformation

A leap of faith is an act of believing in or attempting something whose existence or outcome cannot be proved. What would you consider as your leap of faith?

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