My own happiness

I am on hold to book my nail appointment in Colorado, USA.  While I am on hold I hear that Antigua Guatemala one of my favourite places in the world, is covered in hot ash with many people left to die.  3,000 wealthy were evacuated, the rest were left behind.

I book my gel nail apt.   Then my husband tells me Kate Spade hung herself in her billion dollar apt in NY city.  My reaction?  Wow she had so much money?

In Guatemala happiness is finding your daughter in the rubble.  In NYC happiness obviously cannot be bought.  There is always a highlight reel playing out on Facebook, of successes only.   It makes me conscious of how happiness is a personal responsibility.  It is my job to help create more happiness within myself.

These days I feel so impatient.  I want my life to be organized and sorted.  The truth is  that as soon as I feel organized, life will change again.

My only hope is that I can create some happiness within my heart that is enduring.

Work with me


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