Where does happiness come from?  Recently I heard our unity minister says that happiness comes from inner peace.   Is that true?  Is happiness an internal destination?  There have been times in my life where I had nothing, my husband and were both students.  I was so happy because I had love, deep love and laughter.

Then there were times in my life when I had every material thing I could ever imagine, a house, the perfect couch, a good job and friends.  On paper I had everything, but I felt so lonely and empty inside because I did not have real love in my life.

I asked my current partner where does happiness come from?  He said for him it comes from inside, being able to follow your own compass, despite what others expect of you.

Then we watched “Jim and Andy” a documentary of Jim Carry making the man in the moon movie.  Jim Carey said for him happiness was doing what he loved.  However he got to the point of sitting on the beach in Malibu depressed.   He felt empty.

Gabrielle union was interviewed this week in the NY times magazine about her new book titled we are going to need more wine. 

she said “in her 30’s if someone asked me to name 10 things that make me happy,  I would have said ground beef, butter and imitation crab-not even the real crab!  Most  of us have no clue what makes us happy.  Were always supercritical of our spouses or our friends, or our co-workers for not magically knowing how to be our friend or how to love us.  And its like “How do you even sign up for that when you haven’t figured it out for yourself?”

Happiness is fluid and changes with your self-identity. True? or not?

One Reply to “Happiness”

  1. For me, happiness isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. It’s not reaching a singular point and staying there, it’s about finding and being in your personal flow. Nothing in the universe is static…


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