device free dating

I am married to a man who has 3 cell phones an i-watch and 4 computers.

Today we were walking hand in hand on the Burro trail in Breckenridge.  The mountain river beside us.  We had our two dogs with us, one following behind us, the other chasing squirrels up surrounding trees.  I stopped to take in the mountain river watching the water flowing around fallen trees.  I look over and my husband is reading an email.

I said out loud  “I don’t feel you are present when you are on your device in the woods”.  My husband said ” I am processing something internally.  You process all the time.  We process in different ways”.

We came home and went to lay down for a nap.  With the light off I can see the glow of the cell phone in bed.  I grabbed the cell phone, and walked it out of the room.  Now we only had the i-watch on his wrist glowing in the dark.

More and more I crave device free time with my partner, where you just sit and talk or hang out as a family.  Rather than just assuming, my partner will turn off their device while in the woods or on a picnic, I want to find a way to talk about it.  There must be a way to declare device free time together.

As a kid I remember my father insisting that we sat together to eat meals.  Device free time reminds me of that.  A time to just connect with each other.

Does anyone else have solutions for talking about or initiating device free family time?

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