Hold on- let go

Yesterday I led a clutter workshop in the mountains of Breckenridge.  As I was preparing for the workshop I had a realization.  Clutter is a first chakra issue.

The first chakra is Muladara in Sanscrit.  It represents our ability to ground ourself, to have boundaries, to not being pushed around or intimidated.  It also relates to our ability to accept change, to allow change in our lives.

Having excessive clutter really is about safety, grounded-ness, our ability to cope with change in life.  Our ability to cope with our changing identity, our changing body as we age.  Clutter also keeps us in the energy of the daily grind, focusing on the day-to-day minutia of life— leaving us thinking is that all there is?

What if we want to see more, to have more, to deserve more.  To have a bigger life than what we currently have?  This requires letting go.  Letting go of objects from our past, that no longer represent who we are now.  Updating our vision of ourselves is what clutter clearing is really about.   Are we ready to do that?  To let go of who we used to be, to allow who we are becoming to lead our life?

Clutter represents our ability to hold on, or let go.  I really believe this is a continuum with holding on at one end, and letting go at the other.  If we are in balance we are somewhere in the middle.  One woman in my workshop said “she used to be at the far end of holding on, but over the past ten years she has shifted more and more to letting go”.   She realised that this was her unconscious way of getting ready to transition in her life.  To get ready for the next re-invention of herself once her kids left home.

Your thoughts on your clutter are most welcomed…..




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