Its not nuclear war

It’s not nuclear war, we are just trying to get health insurance!

This is the cry of my fiance as he is attempting to get me on his health insurance policy.

He puts me on the phone with the insurance broker, who tries to pretend he is my friend.  After a little small talk about how he wishes he was Canadian because of our abundance of water and health care.   He proceeds to investigate me and my health history.   I tell him about my surgeries 2 years ago. His response “well I am not sure we are in the clear”.  I told him “it sounds like we are going to war.” He laughed and said well we have a 2 year window on surguries.  Oh ok.

My next step? to be investigated by the underwriter and then to be verified.

Douglas our insurance broker tells me its all about risk and assessing risk.

I start to wonder if we approached relationships focused on risk how many of us would date or fall in love again?

Crazy US world.

2 Replies to “Its not nuclear war”

  1. Sadly, not just the USA. Most countries don’t have universal healthcare. The scarier aspect is Canada and the UK in particular, are clearly acting on a secret lobby plan to limit free system, to push a parallel pay system that is akin to the ‘Fast pass’ at Disney where you get quicker, or more options when you can can pay a portion. As to exclusions, the richer you are the more flexible those requirements are. Welcome to the Capitalist World. Personally, super wealthy either own insurance company, or keep money in trust to cover all their family insurance needs. When average over say 40 persons with varying ages and sexes, this statistically viable method of keep more of their money, longer and no restrictions.

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