Flying United has turned into a gameshow.

I check in on the self serve terminal and the gate shows but no assigned seats.  I ask the agent.  They said they will assign seats at the gate, this is their new policy.  I ask if the flight is oversold.  He says yes.

I said that I need a seat as it is too much stress for the next 2 hours knowing if I have a seat.

He tells me to go to the gate.  I get to the gate and they are looking for 3 volunteers who will give up their seat for $300.  I am sitting behind the gate attendant.

A man walks up with a smile and says he will give up his seat for $500;   and the games begin.  He looks like a gambling type of man who is out to make a deal.

The gate attendant says “I can’t do that now, but wait a bit and we will see”.  She said “but you will do it for 500?”.   She confers with another older gate attendant.   She asks the man to fill in a card.

Why do they oversell a flight with 19 passengers on a standby list.  How does that happen?   I just don’t understand why, everyone has paid for a seat so even if they don’t show up it, the airline gets the money.

I have decided I do not want to fly with an airline that does not give me a seat at time of booking.

PS. They still managed to get 2 off duty flight crew on, with 19 passengers still on standby.

HMMMM how much has really changed?

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