The Omega center 2017 catalogue

What is it about receiving the omega institute catalogue in early spring, that makes my spirit soar? The setting has to be right for the first glance of the offerings.   I need to be in a place with no pressure, a place I can dream of possibilities and relax before I open the 2017 catalogue.

I hold the magazine/brochure/schedule with the reverence of scripture, as if it hold all the potential of my soul.  Why?  Do I believe that if I take enough courses I would be enlightened?  That I would be more evolved by end of the Oct 2017 season?

That I could be changed from being a student to being a master of life?

I have always dreamed of volunteering at Omega center, for a season and eventually teaching there, and having a cottage nearby. For me teaching there would be the “holy grail” of achievement. Omega is a place where all the good things happened to me in my life. I swear the land energy is transformative on its own. The connections  I have made there have endured.

Big turning points, big transitions, meeting life long friends and now my new life/soul mate partner and finding my spiritual teacher.  All of it happened at omega centre.   Flashback to 2015 I picked up the omega catalogue in February, the ice was still on the lake in rural Canada where I lived.

I nestled into my pillows and flipped reverently through the pages folding over the corners of every workshop that appealed to me.   My usual process each year to write down every workshop I was interested in, all on one page and then eliminate workshops based on schedule and timing.  This time I heard a voice clear as a bell, it said “whatever you do, you must attend this course”.  The course was a weekend in  October with Dr. Barbara D’angelis called Soul Shifts. I registered.

At that course I met my life partner, and a wonderful spiritual teacher all in one.  My life has never been the same.

Do not underestimate the possibilities of timing and spirit at Omega center. Another example is when I attended a “Hearts Desire workshop” with Sonya Choquette.  I met a great friend there that has led to an eight year sisterhood, with a woman who was wanting to leave her husband and be free.  Now eight years later she is free and in a gorgeous relationship.  Eight years ago when we met,  I was widowed and deeply suicidal and on strike with life.  Eight years later I am in love and transformed.

This is the Ju Ju power, that I hold in my hands when I hold the omega catalogue.  For me these pages represent potential, transformation, future direction and love of myself.  No wonder I approach this seasons offerings with reverence.  If you are guided to take a course.  Do it!. Trust me.



One Reply to “The Omega center 2017 catalogue”

  1. What a great story Bridgette … so inspirational, full of new beginnings and new love! You are an amazing writer and I love following your blog! Looking forward to seeing you at the “Choice for Love” in Scotts Valley in September!
    xo > Suzan


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