March Break is a Gong show

Walking around Breckenridge I notice one in three people have an arm brace or a leg cast.  I wonder what is going on all of a sudden?

I went to the liquor store and two cashiers had arm slings and the other cashier had a stage three concussion.I asked the snarly liquor store guy what is going on?  He said, “Oh it’s that time  of year, you get a grove sking and you get overconfident.”  He said “I am 22 concussions in this year, and I just keep going.  “Yesterday my shoulder popped out and I just popped it back in. That is the way it is up here”.

OMG what a wacky mountain town.

As we move through March break in the states I asked where are all the college kids.  The same “concussion guy” said “Oh, they will start arriving tomorrow, Thursday, and then by Friday it will be a gong show.  Hmm I said, is that not a 70’s reference?  You were not even born.  He said, well there was the 80’s remake.  When were you born I asked?  1986 he said.

Oh well,it seems that the Gong Show is now part of the urban dictionary and in use by people who have never seen the show. His advice?  Go grocery shopping tomorrow, get everything you need and  stay home.  Nice outlook on life in one of the most idyllic places in the world.

Bracing for the gong show on the slopes and around Breckenridge.  More stories to come……

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