Quirks of living at altitude 

Wednesdays are my favourite day in the mountains.

We have a private salsa dance teacher come to our home.  I went on a site called one mans junk the facebook page -for the mountains.  I posted for a dance teacher.

We got a response from a professional ballroom dance champion.  He is amazing young professional, and a great teacher.

Where else can you get a professional to come to your home to teach you salsa in your living room. This champion ballroom dancer is working two restaurant jobs to make ends meet here in the mountains.

One local in a coffee shop said” there are two kinds of people in Breckenridge, those with 2 homes and those with 2 jobs”.

Dealing with Altitude physically:

I am so “regular” at altitude, which I never used to be.  Is it the pressure of gravity pushing down?

One product I swear by is called Resqwater on the bottle it says “Scientific research shows the ingredients in resqwater aid in muscle recovery, clinically tested”.

I have one of these a day in the morning, and I find it gives me my daily supplements.  I have never heard of this till coming to the mountains.  It is wonderful and it is way better than any sports drinks as it is natural and has no speedy ingredients. Check it out….resqwater.com.

Wacko Bathrooms

Only in the mountains do they have outdoor bathrooms in cold weather conditions.

I am sitting in a wonderful coffee shop called Cup a Joe’s, and next door is the popular yoga studio.  One coffee in, it is time for the bathroom, except the bathroom is outside.  You go outside down the stairs and through another building.

The same with the yoga studio no indoor bathroom. You are in the middle of a great  downward dog session and you need the bathroom. You need to get the key go outdoors, down the stairs and through another building, in minus 20 weather.

No one blinks and eye at this.  To compensate they crank the heat in the coffee shop and the yoga studio, all the staff are barefoot with shorts on.  The cafe is like a steam sauna,  you run outdoors to the bathroom, and back in.

How to dress in the mountains?

I assumed women here would wear sweaters and winter weight dresses.  Nothing is further from the truth.

In the street local women wear Sorrels and big coats.  Once the outdoor burka is shed.  Women wear tights, little mini skirts and a cami, or backless t-shirts with their tight and boots.

It is the strangely alluring look; big boots tights and lingerie.  Most of the 20 something women are half-naked but with their boots on!

“Rock on” in this mountain town.


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