Shades of grey

via Daily Prompt: Nuance

Nuance is a word that reminds me of a flavour we add to a dish.  Nuance could also be a tone or attitude or stance we hold within ourselves.  The word actually refers to shades of meaning.

How often have I had different shades of meaning in my life?  How often do I use Nuance in a story to allude to the truth but do not tell the truth?  How often do we get offended when someone does not have the skill of nuance like Trump who just tells it as it is?  Different cultures have more nuance than others.  I think of Asian cultures where a lot is not said but is conveyed through gesture, tone and body language.  That is nuance.

As a Canadian living in the USA I find myself recoiling at the blunt nature of how people talk to each other.  People volunteer their opinion without being asked.   A sense of self-importance amongst the culture is present.  Perhaps this is common in world power countries?  What do you think?

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